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Pressburg Dance Fest 2014. - Serkan Tutar interjú (angolul)

A Pressburg Dance Festen volt alkalmam személyesen is megismerkedni Serkan Tutarral. Zseniális táncos, igazi showman nem csak a színpadon, hanem az óráin is. Könnyedén, érthetően magyaráz, vidám és gyakorlatias példákkal; a színpadi táncát látván pedig elragad az a könnyedség, lendület, életöröm, ami árad belőle.
Nem utolsósorban pedig a világhírű és gigantikus méretű Rakkas Istambul fesztivál főszervezője is.
Természetesen nem akartam elmulasztani a lehetőséget, hogy Serkant is meginterjúvolhatom, így már a Pressburg Dance Fest alkalmával is sokat beszélgettünk is az orientális táncról, művészi hitvallásáról, zenékről, produkciókról, stílusokról. Hazaérve pedig elküldte a kérdéseimre a válaszokat írásban is.


Mahasti: - Serkan, maybe in Hungary there are some belly dancers who still doesn't know you. Please, tell us some words about yourself, your life, your connection with belly dance. Where are you from, how did you explore belly dance for yourself, what does it mean to you, which styles do you dance, what are your favourite styles, what is your "motto" (slogan) in dance, in life, in teaching?
Serkan: - You can find a lot of information on my site:
"International award winning bellydancer & teacher.
“Male Bellydancer of the world 2008” and winnar of “Brandon Oasis 2006”
In 1983 a 10 year old Turkish boy arrives in Arabic countries. Living there for 3 years, he gets charmed by the oriental dances of the Arabic women on festivities such as weddings. The sound of their music touched his soul and opened his door to dance. Back in Turkey, he goes deeply into the Egyptian and Turkish style bellydance. The working out process on especially body sensation, muscle control and ligthness gets its reward when Serkan performs for the first time at the age of 17. Not only in Turkey but also in Germany his numerous performances are a great success and soon he decides to share his experience by teaching the dance that has swept away his heart. After developing himself and educating others in Turkey (Istanbul, Izmir, Kusadasi) and Germany, he enters the millennium in Belgium. He has performed and instructed workshops all over Belgium, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, Germany, France, Egypt, England, Austria, Turkey, Italy, Greece , Holland , Czech Republic, Croatia, Sweden, Switzerland, Bosnia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Russia, S. Korea, USA, Alaska,...And more."
I'm teaching Turkish style bellydance, Modern Egyptian style, Baladi, Saidi, Shaabi, Turkish Gypsy style, Veil dance (double and single), as "my signature" “Crazy drum solos”, and many more dance styles,...
I continue to dance and give workshops in all over the world.

Mahasti: - Maybe you could tell us some words about your school and your students, their successes in belly dance and belly dance competitions...
Serkan: - I don't have my own school because almost every week I'm travelling to teac in other countries. So I don't have much time for school here but I've been teaching 10 years already in the same school. I have many students from all around the world and some of them is winner of some competitions. Their secret of to be winner are working, learning, practicing !!!!! All this is really important !!!

Mahasti: - Please tell us about your "story" with PDF and Hafla Girls. How did you meet them, have you worked together? Who has invited you, how did you find out your ws topics? Have you participated in PDF before?
Serkan: - No, it was my first time here (I hope it will be not the last time ) I know Karolina Idrisova from Prague. She contacted me to invite to PDF and I'm so happy to be there and working with this all good level dancer girls. For my worshop topics I think everybody was happy. Still (even yesterday) I'm getting emails from PDF girls who attended my workshops. They say they are very happy from my workshops. Specialy good to learn the differences between Turkish and Egyptian style and Turkish Gypsy.

Mahasti: - What are your most important impressions about PDF? How was the competition for you (long, difficult, high level, interesting, anything...)
Serkan: - Yes it was a little long but I used to this from other countries also. In PDF competition my first impressions were the very good level and the creative dancers!!! Many good ideas and good level!!! I really enjoyed it!!!

Mahasti: - What were your favourite, most remarkable moments from the 3 days of PDF, what did you liked the most?
Serkan: - Meeting Karolina, Moonlight Daughters, and everybody there Everybody was so friendly and warm. Feel like a home there! Show, Hafla, competitions like a dream time! I hope to be there again.

Mahasti: - My students enjoyed your workshops and they are happy to meet you, too. They - just like me - enjoyed your dance, your choreography, your style, your teaching, happyness. Having fun on belly dance lessons while working very hard - it's a great way of learning! Can you tell us some words about your ws-s on PDF?
Serkan: - Thank you for kind words Topics and level is very good. Participants were very warm and happy to learn. Organizers make you feel like at home. Very friendly and homely festival!

Mahasti: - Some special questions for the Hungarian BD community. Have you ever been to Hungary? Have you worked with Hungarian belly dancers before?
Serkan: - No, not yet. I have been all around the world but not to Hungary yet I hope one day to be there !! But I have worked with some hungarian bellydancers in my festival "Rakkas IStanbul Festival"

Mahasti: - I know you are not only a busy dancer, who travels and teaches worldwide, but the organiser of one of the biggest oriental festivals in the world - Rakkas in Istambul.
Please, tell us about it - how often do you organise it, when will be the next, who is it for, from which countries are the participants, who are the main guests and so on...
Serkan: - Yes I'm the organizer of Rakkas Istanbul Festival. It's the biggest and best festival in Turkey. It's organized once a year. Next edition it will be 10-14 June 2015. Dancers arrive from all around the world. We have 27 teachers of all kind of Oriental dance styles. From Turkish Style Bellydance to Egyptian style Bellydance, from Folklore to Tribal fusion or Turkish Gypsy Romani style. Gala shows, open stage show and competitions, photo shooting time, costume bazaar and many more activities to come for. 
For more info you can visit festival website or my website here: www.rakkasistanbul.com
And of course, we can get in touch on FB, too: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Serkan-Male-Belly-Dancer

Mahasti: - Serkan, thank you very much! I really hope to meet you soon in Hungary or to dance together with you again in your Rakkas Istanbul Festival!


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