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Pressburg Dance Fest 2014 - sajtóközlemény angolul

Press release

Pressburg Dance Fest  - International festival of oriental dance, 3rd year
19 - 21 September 2014
Bratislava, Dom kultúry Lúky, Petržalka

On the websites you will read about the belly dance as the dance of the mothers or the dance which only serves to seduce men or to enhance intimate experiences. 
The international festival of oriental dance Pressburg Dance Fest showed that it can all be different. The oriental dance is a serious art which belongs on the stage and there are professional dancers who dedicated it a great part of their lives. 
Around 250 dancers came to Slovakia's capital this year from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. There were guests from Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary but there were also local guests.
Pressburg Dance Fest is a three days event during which the oriental dance in its many forms is presented. So far there were teachers and dancers from abroad who performed, amateur and professional dancers, there were also groups who joined the competition. The event is already traditionally connected with professional dance courses and the best dancers perform during the evening gala show. 

The main guests of the program organized by the civic association Hafla, were internationally established oriental dancers Serkan Tutar (Belgium/Turkey), Teresa Tomas (Spain), Shaba (Hungary), Karolina Idrisová and Sahar (Czech Republic), Ranya and Sheyla (SR/CR/Austria), the group Wüstenrosen (Austria), the duet Nakari (Austria) and others.
At the end of the gala show, there was a joined choreography of Serkan Tutar and an international group of dancers (SR, CR, Hungary) who gathered on the stage for the first time specially for this occasion.
A part of the festival was also the international oriental dance competition - its second year. In six different categories including folk dance and modern fusion choreographies there were soloists beginning with the age of 15, the categories were divided according to professional, semiprofessional and amateur dance. Just as last year, there was also a category for ladies over the age 50 (however, the age is not a limiting factor for performing in other categories, these ladies can also compete in the other solo categories if they wish)
The groups competed in categories according to size and also in a special and unique category in Slovakia - course attendants. This one is intended for the dancers who do oriental dance in their spare time, for pleasure.

Professional seminars took place during the festival, with teachers from abroad (Turkey, CR, Hungary, Spain). They were focused on techniques like drum solo, Maghreb folk (Morocco, Alger, Tunis), beledi - shabee, popular tribal fusion, the dance of the hair - khaleegy, differences between turkish and arabic style and turkish gipsy style.

Why are we doing it?
The aim of this festival is to expand the professionalism of the dancers in oriental dance and also to build public awareness about this dance which is so often connected to false myths and prejudices. Also the goal is to show that a woman is beautiful in her performance regardless the age or body proportions. 
Beginning with this year, the competition is opened also to physically challenged dancers, in their dance they can be helped by an assistant to the established extent (after advising with our special pedagogues).

Pressburg Dance Fest in 2015 is planned for September 25 - 27.

Contacts: e-mail info@hafla.sk, info@pressburgdancefest.sk, mob. Petra Majzúnová (festival, media accreditation) +421 903 283 203, Halka Tytykalová (competition and joined choreografy) +421 907 273 036, web: http://pressburgdancefest.eu/.
You can find us on facebook and also youtube.com as Hafla and Pressburg Dance Fest.

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