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Pressburg Dance Fest 2014 - Interjú a szervezőkkel angolul

(Már készül a magyar nyelvű összefoglaló is!)
A Pressburg Dance Festről a www.pressburgdancefest.eu oldalon találtok rengeteg információt és fotót. 
A következő 2015. szeptember végén lesz, ugyanúgy Pozsonyban, és mi ugyanúgy ott leszünk. :-)
De addig álljon itt az interjú, amit a szervezőkkel készítettem. Egy kicsit szubjektív, egy kicsit objektív, egy kicsit szakmai, egy kicsit privát...  Ahogy szoktuk. :-)

Köszönöm a beszélgetést, a meghívást, a szép élményeket Halka Tytykalová-nak, Petra Majzúnová-nak és Siwakoti Lydia-nak! 

Siwakoti Lydia, Petra Majzúnová, Halka Tytykalová


Mahasti: - How did you know how to organize such a festival as PDF?

PDF Girls: - We didn't know. But as a starting point we used experiences from dance events we had been attending or events in other fields of this activity. Peta had experience with organizing Haflas, Halka with organizing courses and conferences. Apart from PDF, in Slovakia there is also Liptov Orient Fest. This one is held in spring. That's why, from the beginning, we prepared our festival in autumn. We wished to provide the dancers and the audience with an alternative and the same time not to put them in a stressful situation where there would be two festivals in a country scheduled to take place in roughly the same time.
But when choosing the date we also took into account other established festivals or events, we are trying to collaborate with them and we even collaborate, for instance with Tales of Sahara, Hvězda Orientu, Orient Connection - all in Czech Republic. In Slovakia with RaksFarah. Bratislava's location is awesome, it is near to many other countries. It's an opportunity but also a commitment.

Mahasti: - Which one of you three came first with the idea and convinced the others that you HAVE TO organize the PDF? Weren't you afraid of failure? How was your first festival? What has changed since then and why?
PDF Girls: - Pressburg Dance Fest is Peta's idea. Once she told me that she would like to have a big festival, not only small forms - meetings (which, by the way, have their own unique charm). And so me and Lidia also joined. The first year included a gala show and seminars, it was mainly focused on local dancers. When we began considering the second year, we wanted also to include a competition. But we were not sure whether to do it in the second year or a year later. And then I met Karolina Idrisova and she told us "Don't be afraid, just go for it right away."

The festival was extended especially by Czech dancers, but also dancers from Poland, there was also one from Bulgaria. From our country there also came dancers who didn't want to participate to competitions before and we are very grateful for this. During the second year already, PDF became not only an event but a community of dancers who we are trying to support and they support us. It is a very precious situation and we are infinitely grateful, especially the trust showed to us by many dancers and we don't want to disappoint them. 
The third year was discovered by groups and the community was extended by dancers from Hungary. We are trying to perceive the dancers in a different way than just numbers in the competition or on a seminar or the gala show. We ourselves dance, we attend many events and follow their activities during the year. Each of them has her own story and has her value. This is why we organized for example a chain of seminars for the winners in the professional category and we contributed to their publicity, this is why, among the prizes, the dancers will also find admittance to other competitions or seminars for example within Orient Art Club. Also the possibility of photo shooting in the workshop of a professional photographer. These are the things needed by a dancer who wants to develop further. This idea was also supported by Karolina when she came up with the concept of a joined choreography, where winners from the previous year, but also other dancers, perhaps from the last village - but if they are good - they had the opportunity to dance with such a star as Serkan Tutar. We believe a tradition will rise. We would also like to believe that at least a part of the about 250 dancers who came to us this year will return because they liked it.

Szép magyar lányok szép sikere. :-) (Haladó raqs sharqi kategória)
Az amatőr folk kategória nyertesei (jobbra a Mahasti tanítványok, az Ana El Asl csoport)

Szép összkép a Gála után

Mahasti: - Who were members of the jury?
PDF Girls: - Last year we had Maria Aya (Greece), Bri Hurley (USA/CR), Yalia (AT), Leila (SRB), Karolina Idrisova and Sahar (CR) and Suhayla (SR). This year there came Serkan Tutar (Belgium/Turkey), Teresa Tomas (Spain), Shaba (Hungary), we invited again Karolina Idrisova and Sahar (CR), from CR Sheyla joiend and to represent our country there is Ranya.
The choice of the jury members is very important for us. Not only because they will become stars of the Gala show but also because they are teachers and they are able to assess not only the elements important for the dance, technique, expression, etc., but they are also able to understand mistakes with regard to the actual level of the dancer's career and see the potential in further growth.  

A zsűri: Serkan Tutar, Karolina Idrisova, Ranya, Sheyla, Teresa Tomas, Shaba, Sahar

Mahasti: - When I was reading your page I was surprised that you don't open the categories "bollywood" and "tribal".
PDF Girls: - During the second year we had representatives for the tribal category. We eliminated bollywood right from the start. We are convinced that bollywood, but in the end, also tribal need their own, specific jury. Tribal and India have other styles within which need to be carefully distinguished and assessed and need special attention.
We were also convinced about it by the tribal community of dancers represented last year at the conference of oriental dance teachers in Brno. Maybe one day it will become reality, but for now we want to keep the festival three-days long and we may not succeed with bollywood and tribal if they are to receive the space they deserve.

Mahasti: - What is your opinion about the festival? Do you consider it being a great success? Which was your favorite part? Perhaps the open stage or the dazzling after party after which you could sigh with relief and say "Yes, we did it! And now we can rest". Or perhaps the organization, the preparations for the festival, the communication with the participants? Or maybe the gala show with those awesome high quality dances of the winners and members of the jury?
PDF Girls: - To tell the truth, for us the festival didn't finish yet. We are processing the scores and are sending them to the dancers who asked it. We also still work on the photos and each day we get the results of the cameraman's work, we are preparing a documentary about our festival.
Apart from all this there is also the preparing for the next year which we look forward, there will be dates released, newsletters, we need to constantly improve the website, especially the English language... and a bunch of other things we know that must be improved.
Halka: - We have a good feeling about the festival and this is why we want to continue next year. If I may speak on behalf of the others as well, my favorites are the competition and the joined choreography, Peta's favorite are the galashow and the Openstage, Lydia is always happy about the colorful bazaar and the accompanying events. The organizing of such event is not work, if we didn't wanted we wouldn't be doing it. We always meet new people and those we already know always have some news. 

Kint a bazár...

Bent a verseny...

Mahasti: - Do you have any personal or perhaps funny stories regarding the event?
Halka: - It was cute when Marta, our moderator, found the model of a skeleton behind the scenes and we quickly looked for a permit to use it as a prank on gala show. I personally appreciate that in one of the groups danced a Hard of Hearing dancer. Initially she also intended to go solo, but didn't finish her preparation due to illness. I personally like the amateur category and the category 'Ladies over age 50'. Each one who joins is already a winner and I am serious about it. The oriental dance is about this as well.

A haladó szóló fúzió kategória győztesei (igen-igen, jobbra Rembeczki Eszter!)

Mahasti: - What are your plans for the future? When will be the next PDF, what will be preserved and what will change? Will your goal be again to join the dance community from 4 countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary) or you want to extend the festival and the guests?
PDF Girls: - We can already say that Pressburg Dance Fest in 2015 will take place at the end of September again, during the last week end. We definitely want to gather the dance community from the V4 countries but we hope other countries will be interested as well. And we are beginning to pick guests :)

Mahasti: - Thank you for answering the questions, for inviting me, for the possibility to take part in your festival. I really hope we will meet next year again and enjoy oriental dance together with the dancers from other countries! :-)


Még néhány, teljesen szubjektív módon válogatott fotó a gáláról.

A Serkan Tutar workshop végén a vidám, ámde hullafáradt csapat

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