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Interview with Hamada Araby, organizer of the Stage Festival

Az ungvári Stage Belly Dance Fest-ről korábban már írtam egy kis teljesen szubjektív beszámolót. http://everydaylifeofabellydancer.blogspot.hu/2016/06/2016-junius-3-5-stage-fest-ungvar.html

Most következzen egy interjú a szervezővel, ötletgazdával, Hamada Araby-val és egy pár (ismét csak szubjektíven válogatott) fotó. :-)

Hamada Araby és a fesztivál királynője

Mahasti: - Hamada, how did you get the idea to organise the Stage Fest? (I mean for the first time.)
Hamada:The idea to organize Stage Fest I have have from few years because I was a partner in other festivals and I wanted to make something new.

Mahasti: - What are your main goals in the festival? Maybe gathering the bellydancers of the world, make higher the level of the belly dance in the world, supporting the belly dance community, making more well-known the arabic culture etc. ...
Hamada: - I have some different goals. 
First is to introduce new talented teachers to the belly dance community, so that participants can get new knowledge, and this because lots of festivals invite the same teachers and this make these festivals very similar. The subject of Stage Festival in Uzhgorod name was the hidden treasure, so i traveled everywhere in Egypt and other countries to find new talented artists. 
My second goal is to connect artists from all over the world to share their knowledge and experience.
Third is to show the real culture

Mahasti: - How long have you been organising festivals and where? How often do you organise Stage belly Dance Festival? 
Hamada: - The first Stage festival and folk trip was in november 2015 in Egypt but I've been organizing belly dance events from the nineties. I started from Egypt than moved to Belgium for few years and now with Stage between Egypt and Ukraine twice a year.

Mahasti: - Why did you decided to organise your festival in Ukraine, Uzhgorod, too?
Hamada: - I decided to organize Stage Festival in Uzhgorod because it's a very beautiful small city,it's in border with few countries. And I wanted to show people from Uzhgorod our culture.

Mahasti: - Who were your co-organisers or helpers? 
Hamada: - Helped me with the event Nevena as PR and Vita as Russian translator. Both of them also teach in Stage festival. I have Teras, who helps with competition and computer work. In the Egyptian events I have more people in the team to help.
And my biggest help was from god.

Mahasti: - How many participants were there in Uzhgorod on the Stage Belly Dance Fest? From which countries have they arrived?
Hamada: - In the competition there were 190 performers from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and France.

Mahasti: - What was the program for the participants during the three days of the festival?
Hamada: - We had many different, interesting programs for the participants. 
3 June - workshops with Ukrainian teachers and small party in the evening with DJ, oriental music and Egyptian dinner, so that everyone can meet and get to know each other. 
Mahasti: - Yes, it was one of my favourite moments during your festival! I loved the food, the party, the dancers and I really had the possibility to meet other dancers from different countries and have a talk with them. :-)
Hamada: - Great! I'm happy to hear that. :-) 4 June we had the competition all day long and the Gala show in the evening with the best dancers, best participants, special guest, organisers etc. 
5 June workshops with foreign teachers.

Mahasti: - Hamada, please, tell us more about your other festivals - what is the difference between the festival in Uzhgorod and Cairo: the people, the atmosphere, the number of the participant, the level???
Hamada: - On my next event in Egypt we will continue all the exciting discoveries which we started earlier: we keep introducing new talented faces to the belly dance community. In our new project we will find the famous artists of the belly dance festivals and unknown ones as well , but these “unknown ones” are well known to the Egyptian people, starting from Cairo Opera house to the modern street shaabi. So, we connect two cultural parts of the world of art: the real Egyptian part and the foreign knowledge of belly dancing. In the second part of our event we have adventure folk trip to Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh and Siwa, with Dr Ahmed, Hagala troupe and many other fabulous things. Nevena will lead participants to spiritual trip to the desert. 

Number of participants in Egypt is not much like in Ukraine. It is a 2 part event. First 3 days in Cairo with 8 workshops, competition, party with full orchestra every night and the second part will be the folk trip

The difference between the events in Egypt and Ukraine is big because in Egypt we have lots of Egyptian teachers, musicians and singers, also with parties. There will be big parties with with full orchestra and lots of singers and performers, and also we will have street shabi party with some young talented singers and performers. Plus the second part folk adventure trip - there we will travel to some cities to see the pure folk with Dr Ahmed in Alexandria and Hagala troupe in Marsa Matrouh and some shows from Siwa. All the information about this event you can find in Stage website http://stagefest.net/index.php/en/

Mahasti: - What was your most favourite moment in Uzhgorod during the Stage Fest? What did you like the most?
Hamada: - My favorite moment was when my friends from other countries and cities met each other for the first time and they mixed well and they liked each other.

Mahasti: - Was it your first time in Uzhgorod? What are your impressions about this small city on the border of Hungary and Ukraine?
Hamada:My impressions about Uzhgorod are good! It's very different from the rest of Ukraine because it's in the border with Hungry and Slovakia, so here you will find people who speak Hungarian, Slovakian, Ukrainian, Russian.

Mahasti: - Have you got any advices to bellydancers who are planning to come to your festivals? What they should know, what they should pay attention to, etc.
Hamada: - I have no advices to the belly dancers who are planning to come to the Stage festival, just to tell them it will be different than other festivals if this what they are looking for. Because I know lots of dancers are scared of different kind of festivals and ideas.

Mahasti: - What are your plans for the near future? Where and when are you organising your next festival? Where we can meet you next time this year?
Hamada: My next festival will be Egypt from 19-27 Nov 2016 you are more than welcome to join us and thanks for your kindness to me and attention to Stage festival,

Mahasti: - Hamada, thank you very much! See you soon on your next festival! 

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